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Secure File Transfer made simple *

* it's quick and convenient too

Upload with Windows or in the browser

BigFilebox breaks through the 2GB file limit, and allows you to upload files of any size, limited only by your available bandwidth and storage.

You can upload in your browser or with our new Windows desktop app

On the move?

There is a BigFilebox mobile phone app for iOS and Android.

Upload photos, make tokens and download files.

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BigFilebox uses SSL encryption for secure file transfer and every uploaded file is virus checked before access is granted.

Our business customers have access to a detailed audit trail for their online resources.

See your files.

You can view your files as a list with detailed information about when the file was uploaded, how many times it's downloaded and by whom.

Alternatively, use thumbnail view for a visual preview of images and pdfs before they're downloaded.

Managed Access

Arrange files and folders into Fileboxes and Fileboxes into Projects. Create Teams and control their access to the Projects.

Or, email a Token for one click read or write access to a Folder or a whole Filebox.


Uploaded files are never lost, new versions are automatically created for uploads with identical names.

BigFilebox can show you which versions are available and allow you to download or delete the version.

Browse Projects, Fileboxes and Folders, upload images from your device camera or gallery and create and send tokens.


BigFilebox enables you to share files and collaborate securely with associates; allowing one click access to a secure project space to exchange files.

BigFilebox enables you to simply and securely manage big file transfers with your clients and colleagues or transfer large files that are too big for email.

Sign up to start exchanging files with your partners straight away. A 30 day free trial offers full functionality.

Our Clients Include

The simplicity of the interface and process of uploading, creating tokens and downloading files is a significant strength of this intelligent application.

James Santer, AHMM Architects Ltd

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