Simple and secure file exchange for business


Lose the headache of managing file exchange

BigFilebox's "fire and forget" solution lets you set up a file exchange area once and then leave it to run itself.

Set a project up and let it run itself

You need a secure place for your staff and external contacts to exchange files. And you want to set it up once per project and then have it run itself. BigFilebox lets you create a secure space, either per project or broken down further into the various people you work with on that project.

There's no sharing of information between these spaces, so confidentiality is guaranteed. Users assigned to the project can structure the project themselves and issue access tokens (simple to use web links) to people who need to access the files. No permissions to set, no passwords to reset. You just have an easy to control file exchange system for the whole company.


Easy to use, nothing to install

BigFilebox is web based so there is no FTP software to set up or desktop clients to install.

Drag ang drop files and folders into the upload space to transmit files; click individual files or choose multiple files as a ZIP file to receive them. All within the familiar web browser environment.

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Integrated Uploads

Drag and drop files or folders into the browser to securely upload them to your file space.

Simple Downloads

Browse the files as a list or thumbnails, select the ones you want and download individually or as single ZIP file.

Secure Access

Issue login tokens for a single click login. Control what the token user can do, and if you want to be notified when the token is used.

creditcard Monthly billing

We bill monthly, with no contractual term. Our plans are fixed cost so there's no surprise at the end of the month.

dev Maintained by us

Because the software runs on our servers, we keep it up to date for you - so there's no IT to worry about.

support Support

Our support team is available through email and live chat to help you with any questions or issues you might have.

Mobile Apps

Access your files on the go - handy for presentations and site vists. The app available for iOS and Android.

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What else should you know about BigFilebox?

Data accessible only to those who should see it

Files are organised into projects and fileboxes, and you can set who has access to each. Tokens issued to people outside your organisation are restricted to just one filebox or folder. There's no danger of files "synching" to the wrong device.

All files are sent and received over https so are encrypted whilst in transit.

Cloud based, easy to access from the office, at home or on the go

BigFilebox runs in the cloud so there's nothing to set up in your office and IT don't need to configure your firewall for remote access.

You can access your files from anywhere you can run a web browser. Or use or iOS and Android apps for when you are on the move.

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